Are you a Refugee, Asylum Seeker or an Immigrant in the United States looking to become a legal US citizen? I am an immagration lawyer who has literally lived through the process as a Refugee, Asylum Seeker and an Immigrant.

Vietnamese Immigration Lawyer

I am attorney Vy Haq and helping people, especially immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers is what I have always wanted to do. My early experiences allow me to understand how difficult it is to come to a country only known to you through social media and other people’s stories. You come to a country that you have been told is amazing and great, filled with hopes and dreams, only to find that it is difficult to enter and navigate the country without knowledge of the language or help regarding your immigration status.

Immigration LawyerI understand that story because that was my story. My family came to America via boat from Vietnam. We did not know where to go to ask for help regarding our immigration status and some of the people claiming to help were just taking advantage of our difficult situation. When I became older, I knew that I wanted to become an Immigration attorney. I wanted to be able to help immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers to navigate through a confusing immigration system. Our immigration system is very complicated and can change at any moment. As immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers, your future depends on whether you get a green card (the card is no longer green) or not. I often speak with people who were born in the U.S. and they too do not know or understand the immigration process, let alone people that do not know English.

I am often asked “what is the difference between an immigrant, a refugee and an asylum seeker?”

A refugee is a person who has fled their country of origin and is unable or unwilling to return because of a well-founded fear of being persecuted because of their race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion. Once they have fled their home, they must apply for refugee status with an official entity, such as a government or the United Nations Refugee Agency, who determines whether a person meets the definition of a refugee, based on well-founded fear.

The process of obtaining refugee status can last for years, forcing many applicants to wait abroad in refugee camps under dangerous living conditions. Refugees are not permitted to enter their destination country until their application has been accepted and they have been cleared for travel.

An asylum seeker is also someone who is seeking international protection from dangers in his or her home country. However, asylum seekers must apply for protection in the country of destination – meaning they must arrive at or cross a border in order to apply. 

An immigrant is someone who makes a conscious decision to leave his or her home and move to a foreign country with the intention of settling there. Immigrants often go through a lengthy vetting process in order to immigrate to a new country. Many become lawful permanent residents and eventually citizens.

The ultimate dream of all of the people within these groups is to be able to live in America legally. My clients are in the same situation that I was a long time ago and that’s why I’m so passionate about helping them.

Other Immigration Services I Offer

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  • Fiancé Immigration services
  • And More….

If you are looking for an immigration lawyer who has literally lived through the process look no further. I am here to help. Call me today and let’s get you started on the path to becoming a US citizen.

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